Vernon Grant

During the “Golden Years of Illustration,” a period between the late 1910s and the 1940s, the art of illustrators dominated the advertising and magazine cover markets. Only the best illustrators were chosen to do covers. Vernon Grant was one of the best and most prolific. He combined his humor, life’s experiences, and keen observation skills to captivate millions of magazine readers. Vernon Grant illustrated the covers and interior drawings for seventeen different magazines.

One of my favorites from “The Golden Years”. His work seemed like the cartoon counterpart to Maxfield Parrish.

Cliff Roberts

The Interwebs gods introduced me to the AMAZING Cliff Roberts last night. Dunno how I ever missed this guy. I can see his influence on many of my retro/mid-century favorite artists.

Character Design

Fantastic character designs over here.

Spider Mom

My friend Gilbert took this pix of a Wolf Spider traversing a crosswalk in his garage. Carrying her babies (some seen with glowing eyes) on her back.


Asset store


After two weeks of figuring out the *&#@ script. And a coupla evenings of then understanding the Asset Store dashboard; I’ve finally finished uploading my first asset to the Unity Asset Store!!

Now I have to wait a week to see if it’s been accepted. Maybe I posted this too soon(?).

EDIT: REJECTED! “Too basic.”

Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson has been a Creative Professional for 30+ years and is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES!!

GGGGG Grandpa’s Revolutionary Claim

circa 1818 – for his service during the…let me get this straight….The Revolutionary War!?!

Nice handwriting.


It’s been a smokey past few weeks here in Reno. First we had the Forest Hill “American Fire”, which we thought was bad until the “Yosemite Rim Fire” started a few days ago!! Gretchy & I had to postpone out trip to the Bay.

Man ' s Best Friend

One of the best of Ren & Stimpy ! But sadly, the one that pushed em too far and got John K. fired.

What were the bad parts?

“The violence, the puking, the farting, and the scatological stuff – that’s what they wanted, that’s what they were buying when they hired (creator John Kricfalusi),” Klickstein said. “But the anger of some of those characters made (the studios) nervous.”
It all came to a head with 1992’s “Man’s Best Friend,” which got banned from Nickelodeon for violence, tobacco usage and too many scatological jokes even for the network. (It saw air on Spike in 2003.) But that episode led to Kricfalusi being canned.

Toot Whistle Plunk

Directed and animated by one of my favorites of the Nine Old Men – Ward Kimball. W.K. was one of the few artists that Walt Disney ever described as “genius”.
Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom is an educational Adventures in Music animated short film produced by Walt Disney Productions, and originally released to theaters by Buena Vista Distribution on November 10, 1953. The first Disney cartoon to be filmed and released in widescreen CinemaScope, “Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom” won the 1954 Academy Award for Best Short Subject (Cartoons). In 1994, it was voted #29 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by members of the animation field. It was the first Disney film to be presented in Cinemascope.

Tale of Three Brothers

“The Tale of the Three Brothers is a fairy tale told to wizard children. Supposedly written by Beedle the Bard, it is published as part of a series of works that collectively are called The Tales of Beedle the Bard.”

Top shelf indie pic. The 3D doesn’t kill, but the: staging, palette, VFX and pacing of the whole thing makes it one of our faves.

Backwater Gospel

One of my ALL TIME favorites. LUV the combination of 3D and roughly painted 2D textures. So visually rich.


Hello IMDB – I’ve wanted to meet you for a loooooong time. =]


Psychic Prairie Dog just called to tell me somebody near Sayreville, NJ(?) is a big fan.


This is a WIP on the BlenderArtist site. “Rutherford” is based on a character study done by my friend & former colleague Marc Mierau, for an ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ game.

Jim Flora

Jim Flora

One of my favorite Illustrator/Designers from the 40′ & 50’s.

James “Jim” Flora (January 25, 1914 – July 9, 1998), best known for his distinctive and idiosyncratic album cover art for RCA Victor and Columbia Records during the 1940s and 1950s, was also a prolific commercial illustrator from the 1940s to the 1970s and the author/illustrator of 17 popular children’s books.

To Cause a Witch to Die

I LOVE this animation!!! Wish they’d make more.

UPA re-mastered!

Several years ago a Sr. Art Director remarked to me: “your work looks like Gerald McBoing Boing”. I laughed (but not really comprehending) having only heard of G.M.B. as it was kinda before my time. After researching G.M.B. & UPA I realized that I was standing on the shoulders of giants! Who the heck WERE these guys whose this style I LOVED and had unknowingly co-opted 50(?) some years after their original creation? So I was super thrilled when TCM and Sony Pictures offered a set of re-mastered UPA shorts including “38 theatrical cartoons from the most critically-acclaimed cartoon studio of the 1950s.”!!

This’ll surely be mind-numbingly boring to my 10 y.o. who was weened on Harry Potter, The Madagascars, anything post ’01 Pixar, etc. But for me it’s solid gold because now I could see what inspired the guys who inspired the guys who inspired ME!


Got this amazing wheat beer at Total Wines called “Tangerine”. It is SO freaking awesome!!

Back to the Big Bed


Backwater Gospel

THE most insanely cool animation I’ve seen in a long time.


Had a FANTASTIC lunch at Barracuda restaurant in Burlingame yesterday! Unfortunately, none of my Grrlz were with me. So I slurped my spoonless miso alone. =[

RIP Old Mule

It was a sad day today as we had to put the first version of RentedMule down. She came to life in South Florida back in 1999, two years before our first daughter was born. Tho she served us well, her cantankerous Flash-enabled technological ways had fallen out of favor amongst the interwebs. The neighbors were beginning to complain so we took her out behind the barn to do what was right. She knew it was her time and went peacefully.

The old girl will be missed. =[


Old Skool Animators

Daly notes a difference in the way they (traditional 2D animators) animate compared to those trained only in 3D. She says, “I think often times, 2D people come from a deep art background. So what we’re seeing is that there’s a different level of artistry in their animation once they master 3D. Not to say that people who have been 3D animators are inferior, but the 2D animators are able to translate their art really effectively in a 3D medium in a way that, generally speaking, a lot of people didn’t think they’d be able to.”

Animator and director Don Bluth (Titan A.E., Anastasia) echoes Daly’s statement. Don Bluth Films most recently made its first venture into 3D with cinematics for the Namco video game I-Ninja. He says of 2D animators, “They understand the principles of animation better than anyone. When we were doing I-Ninja, there was one guy among all the animators, an older guy who had done 2D his whole life long. It’s the difference between night and day when you see what he animates compared to the other guys who have never really drawn with a pencil. His animation is very spicy, very alive.”


New Background

Background for side-scrolling game.

Arn "Toe Biscuit" Sweatman

(August 1, 1819 – September 28, 1891) was an American novelist, short story writer, animator, and poet. He is best known for his 5-point nutria-belly-fur mule harness, his nuevo-retro illustration style, and his dream pop poetry. His first three books gained much contemporary attention (the first, ‘Pork Taffy’, becoming a bestseller), but after a fast-blooming literary success in the late 1840s, his popularity declined precipitously in the mid-1850s and never recovered during his lifetime. When he died in 1891, he was almost completely forgotten.

    • Liked ice cream (despite being lactose-intolerant).
    • Hated fish tacos.
    • Accomplished Jazz Tuba player.
    • Uncredited inventor of the ear trumpet.
    • Sufferer of STS (Stiff Thumb Syndrome)


It was not until the “Mule Revival” in the early 20th century that his work won recognition, especially ‘Box of Hair’ which was hailed as one of the literary masterpieces of both American and World Literature. He was the first writer, and mule trainer, to have his works collected and published by the Library of America and McDonald’s Corporation.

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